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Dragon Ball Z ep 99 - Shen Long, Run Yourself Through Space!! The Time of Namek's Destruction Draws Near

The final battle for Planet Namek pauses, as Freeza and Goku size each other up. It is not long now before the planet explodes. Freeza is finally using 100% of his full power, but is it enough to compare to the Legendary Super Saiyan himself, Son Goku? Freeza compliments Goku, saying how the power of a Super Saiyan may indeed be the strongest in the universe, were it not for his own power. Goku stares back at him impassively.

Meanwhile, Kaio-sama and the B-Team watch Goku's fight in the Other World. Kaio curses Goku's foolhardiness for allowing Freeza to reach peak potential. Kami-sama telepathically contacts Kaio just then, and reminds him that Mr. Popo has finally located the last Dragon Ball. As such, Yamcha and Tenshinhan will be resurrected shortly. Unfortunately, Chaozu will not, as Piccolo Daimao killed him once before. Ten tells his boyfriend not to worry, as he will remain on Kaio's planet with him. Yamcha, too, pledges to remain with his friends, though Ten reminds him that Bulma is waiting for him in the living realm. 

That's when Kaio-sama has an idea. Since Shen Long can revive multiple people at once, can he revive people on other planets? Kami doesn't see why not, as long as they've died within the last year, and not of natural causes. Kaio asks if someone's life was shortened indirectly by someone's actions, would they be resurrected too? Kami thinks it's a stretch, but they might... for a time. Kami wonders if they're still talking about those killed by Vegeta's gang. But no. Kaio wants to resurrect everyone killed by Freeza and his mafia, and have everyone on Namek sent to Earth, except Freeza...!!!

How will he achieve this second wish? Well, if Kaio's hunch is correct, the first wish should bring the Grand Elder, and thus Porunga, back to life!

(Hasn't it only been two months since the Saiyan battle and the resurrection of Goku? Why are the Dragon Balls back already? Is it because Kami was rezzed, so Shen Long returned to his default state? If so, then how come when [spoilers] Grand Elder is rezzed, Porunga doesn't return to his default state?)

Gohan and Bulma have finally come to Goku's spaceship... 
... and Bulma isn't at all happy to see Piccolo.

Bulma decides she doesn't want to fly through space with Piccolo as a companion, so she tries to convince Gohan that he'll be happier if he stays on his home planet. Y'know, as it explodes and with a gaping hole in his chest.

Gohan isn't buying it.
("You're a fucking bitch, Bulma.")

Freeza powers up his whole body with his enormous ki, while Son Goku prepares a Kamehameha!!

And back on Earth, Mr. Popo has summoned Shen Long! 
Shen Long hears his request - Kaio's wish - and attempts to reach through space to resurrect the people of Namek!

Will Kaio-sama's gambit pay off?! Hang in there, Goku! 

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